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If you intend to sell a Palm Beach Motor Yacht, we already know a great deal about it. We designed it and we built it! If you tell us the hull #, we can access our files and probably tell you more about the boat than you already know! Certainly, more than any other broker knows!

What we will need from you is a list of any modifications that may have been made since the boat was commissioned or since it was last serviced at one of our facilities.

As soon as we know your boat’s current condition, we can give you expert advice on finding an eager buyer through our extensive and exclusive database of interested parties.

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Please fill in the form below so that we can start building a profile of your boat for our listings page. We’ll review the material and contact you directly for any additional information we need to ensure the boat is presented in its best light.

Our database is the most comprehensive source of potential buyers you can access. Not only do we stay in close touch with our owners, we are constantly contacted by those who’d like to buy into the Palm Beach Motor Yacht ‘family’. This is, without doubt, your greatest source of opportunity.

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It’s with great pride that we’ll ensure you have access to our extensive and dedicated database, to our expertise in evaluation, to our maintenance facilities and to our consultation and advisory services.


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